Having completed your checkup, you will now be aware of any legal vulnerability. If you are at risk, it is important

to consider next steps. Many people consider legal matters to be complex and expensive. We can help you

navigate to find the best solutions that meet your needs and budget. Use your report to select from the

guides, consider your options and check that your choice is appropriate for your circumstances.

Who should I choose?

Self completion

Cost: minimal/free

There are many options for DIY and/or online legal services. Whilst costs do vary, this is almost certainly the cheapest way forward if you know what you want to do and how to go about it.

Warning: however, if you need some help and guidance you would probably be wise to consider another option as mistakes made when doing it yourself won’t be found until it is too late.

Legal professional

Cost: medium

Legal professionals differ from solicitors in that they specialise in one particular aspect of the law rather than cover the whole spectrum. A high street solicitor will cover everything from conveyancing to divorce, litigation and almost every aspect of the law. A Will writing firm, for example, may draft hundreds of Wills every month and be much more accustomed to remote provision of their service. 


Cost: medium/high

The traditional route for the preparation of legal documents, but also the most expensive. However, you can be sure that no matter how complex your circumstances, a Laws Society registered solicitor will be qualified to give you advice and assistance.

Which course of action is suitable for me?

There is an abundance of information and choice available on the internet which can take a lot of time to research and digest. There are two basic considerations:


Who do I wish to  use and how much will it cost?


The answer will depend on the complexity of your affairs. If they are simple and straightforward you will pay less than someone with complex affairs.

Complex affairs

Including: you are in business, have children from a previous relationship, have multiple assets, a large property portfolio, property abroad and significant income investments. You certainly need the help of a legal professional, probably a solicitor.

Simple affairs

Standard home-owning family with few complications could consider a legal professional, online or DIY solution.

Warning: If you don’t have professional help when preparing legal documents, should you make a mistake it may not be discovered until it’s too late.

What’s next? – Revisit the guides and/or take action