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welcome to your new benefit

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Employee wellbeing, such as physical, mental, social and financial health is

important to us, so we have added a fifth wellbeing element – legal health.

Millions of adults are unaware

that they and their families could be legally vulnerable. Many people also think that arranging legal affairs is complex, expensive and inconvenient. However, most people have little idea of the life changing consequences if the unexpected happens.


For example:

a person dies without having made a Will, disability through accident and loss of mental capacity without having Powers of Attorney in place and relationship breakdown without prior agreements in place.

My Legal Checkup is a 3 minute questionnaire which analyses your circumstances and presents solutions in a personal report. Our purpose is to help people journey from legal vulnerability to legal security in three steps:




Step 1

Completing a checkup will make

you aware of any legal vulnerability.

Step 2

We will try to ensure that the course of action you

are considering is suitable for your circumstances. 

Step 3

Access online documents, a solicitor

in your area or a legal professional

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