Property Trusts

For couples living in England and Wales, there is a way to protect at least half the value of the family home and keep it for the children. This is achieved by writing your Will in such a way that it puts half the family home into a type of Trust when the first spouse or civil partner dies. The terms of the Trust also mean that the surviving spouse or civil partner can continue to live in the property held within the Trust. These are called Property Trust Wills.

By preparing a Property Trust Will in the right way, the value of half the home is ring-fenced by the Trust so that it isn’t taken into account if the surviving spouse is financially assessed for residential care home fees. The reason is because half of it is owned by the Trust and the other half is owned by the surviving spouse or civil partner.

We recommend you take legal advice from a lawyer who specialises in Wills that include property trusts.

Consider a legal professional or a solicitor

to advise on Property Trusts.