Estate Administration Assessment

What is estate administration?


Probate has become the term commonly associated with handling an individual’s estate after they’ve died but it is just one component of administering an estate. Estate administration is so much more. It’s the process of sorting out a deceased person’s legal and tax affairs. Everything from bank accounts, belongings and property to debts, pensions and Inheritance Tax.

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When a family member dies it is the job of the executors to apply for probate and deal with the deceased affairs. If the executors, who are appointed via a Will, are professional lawyers then you can leave everything to them.

However, if the appointed executors are family or friends then there are a number of options if they decide they need help. The internet offers a myried of choices; the difficulty is selecting the option most suited to your needs, circumstances and budget. It can be a confusing task, adding to the bereaved’s stress.


Our Estate Administration service will assist with the decision by carrying out an initial assessment and present the executors with a number of options.