Disabled Discretionary Trust

A trust is the best way of financially providing for a disabled or vulnerable person throughout their lifetime. A Trust allows for assets (such as property, cash and investments) to be held by trusted individuals (known as Trustees) for the benefit of others, in this case a disabled or vulnerable person (known as the beneficiary or beneficiaries). It is the Trustees who decide how to use the assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries and they will be governed by any rules set out in the Trust document.

A trust can be set up to meet your individual circumstances and the needs of your family. A disabled persons trust is a trust set up to specifically to benefit a ‘disabled person’. We recommend that you get advice from a trusts expert to help you consider whether putting in place a disabled persons trust may be appropriate in your circumstances.

Consider a legal professional or a solicitor to put

a Disabled Discretionary Trust in place.