Dear Colleague

We are pleased to introduce My Legal Checkup as a new employee benefit. 

Our aim is to enhance your wellbeing by making you aware of any legal vulnerability, as many people are unknowingly at risk when legal health is overlooked.

For example:

Almost half of us mistakenly believe ‘common law’ marriage exists and enjoys the same rights as married couples. This is a myth and a potentially costly one if on:

Relationship breakdown without a cohabitation agreement – likely financial hardship for one party.

Death without a Will – the surviving partner may not receive anything including the home.

Loss of mental capacity without Powers of Attorney in place – social services may make decisions for you.

My Legal Checkup is a 3-minute risk assessment which brings you:


Awareness of vulnerability and risk, offering solutions in a personal report.


Suitability of solution options best suited to needs and budget.


Connectivity to legal providers if desired.


My Legal Checkup also provides guidance for the surviving spouse or partner on death of an employee.