Welcome to My Legal Checkup

Could you and your family be vulnerable and at risk?

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Millions of adults are, but don’t know it!

My Legal Checkup is a 3 minute questionnaire

which analyses your circumstances and presents

solutions in a personal report. A traffic light

system indicates the areas you should prioritise.

Lights small

Red            you and your family are at risk – act now

Amber      you are vulnerable and should consider action

Green       you are OK

Giving you an informed choice to help you journey from

legal vulnerability to legal security in three steps:




Step 1

Completing a checkup will make

you aware of any legal vulnerability.

Step 2

We will try to ensure that the course of action you are considering is suitable for your circumstances. 

Step 3

Access online documents, a solicitor

in your area or a legal professional

All the above for just £6.00 

(Inclusive of vat)