Expression 0f Wishes

An Expression of Wishes is a request to the Trustees or Scheme Administrator of your pension/death in service scheme, setting out who you would like to receive any benefits payable on your death. The request is not binding on the Trustees or Scheme Administrator, but they would take your wishes into consideration when making their decision.


As most pension funds are held outside of your estate and therefore not covered by your Will, this is the simple way to ensure that your loved ones get your pension benefit when you die. It is essential you complete an ‘Expression of Wish form’ so that any benefit goes to the people you want.

Under present law, lump sum death benefits can be paid at the discretion of the Trustees direct to your beneficiaries without any tax liability.


You should complete the Expression of Wishes form via the link below. You can change those nominated whenever you want and should keep your Expression of Wishes form up to date.


Although the form allows space for up to 4 nominations, there is no restriction on the number of people you may nominate. If you wish to nominate more than 4 people, print out a separate form which you should sign and date, making sure that the percentages add up to 100%.